Saturday, February 9, 2013

Winter Upgrades - Part 2

Even though the we're still in the winter months, work never stops on the car. With the start of the 2013 season still a little over a month away we've added a couple more upgrades to the car. First we decided to remove the rear door windows and replace them with a pair of custom Lexan windows. Overall wasn't too difficult to pull this one together, just some time figuring out how to properly secure the Lexan to the car. The second upgrade comes in the form of a new steering wheel and quick release setup. It may not exactly be a performance gainer, but the new Momo wheel is a big improvement over the massive stock steering wheel. Along with the quick release, this upgrade will also make entry and exit from the car much easier. On a final note we finished up the brake ducts, running the brake ducting and fabricating an inlet. Check out the pictures below!