Thursday, March 28, 2013

Racing in the winter

This last weekend found us in St. Louis, Missouri for the first event of the year. We arrived early in the afternoon to unload the car and then attend the Friday night racing comp school classroom session. That's right, team STI Guys is moving into wheel-to-wheel racing from time trials. We felt this was the next step and are very excited to start racing for position rather than time.

Saturday was all about running race school exercises such as running side-by-side, offline, practice starts, and a mock race. The first session of the day went by without issue, just running the track to learn the layout and executing some passes. The second session we ran side-by-side practicing situational awareness and  running offline with another car next to you. The session ran fine until the end when our car started to overheat and threw a CEL. Further diagnostic pointed to a blown head gasket. Quite unfortunate being that we there to complete the comp school. With a bit of negotiation we were able to find another car to rent for the last sessions of the day to complete the school.

Finishing Saturday we were awarded a certificate of completion for the comp school along with a provisional race license. 

STI Guy Spencer 3rd from left

Sunday's event actually ended up being canceled due to a late season incoming snow storm. Our car was down for repair anyway so that didn't change much for us as we headed home Saturday night. Next event will be in Omaha at Mid America Motorplex last weekend of April. Weather should be better this time around....