Monday, May 23, 2011

First Weekend in NASA TTB at Brainerd International Raceway

This was our first weekend racing in Time Trails with NASA. Overall, the weekend went better than was expected. Although, it wasn't without its hairy moments. Being that this was our first time in TT, both of us were under provisional status, and we would have to go the weekend without any incidents to be checked off for our official TT licenses. Even though we do not normally have an issue with keeping all four tires on the track in the right direction; Saturday was solid rain for almost the entire day! This made it much more "interesting" to try and set a hot lap time without sliding off into the grass. After a few sessions in the rain, we softened up the suspension, which really helped the car settle around corners better in the constant rain. Finally in the late afternoon, there was a break in the clouds and the sun came out. We left the suspension settings we made for the rain and went out for another session, thinking that the track wasn't completely dry yet. That decision almost cost us the win for Saturday because the track had dried up quickly, the suspension being softer, and grip increasing exponentially, we pulled off a lap time that was a second and a half behind our competitors. Thankfully there was one last "bonus" session for TT at 5:20pm. We quickly tightened the suspension back up and hoped the rain would hold out. The last session ended up being the best of the day for everyone out on the track. We ended up taking the win for TTB and setting a new track record for the class with a 1:49.527 .

Sunday started off as a much better day with mostly clear skies and sun but a little cool. Within the first two sessions, we cracked off a lap time of 1:49.966. This time put us close to Saturday's time and in the front of TTB. By the time the 3rd session rolled around after lunch, rain clouds had rolled in and drenched the track once again, and it continued for the rest of the day. This was the end of our first weekend in TTB with NASA at BIR. We left with two 1st place finishes and a new track record.

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