Monday, July 4, 2011

Suspension Install

Old strut (top) vs new strut (bottom)
Well, our new suspension arrived just in time for the holiday weekend. Thankfully just in time for next weekends event at Autobahn too. All the pieces were safely packed inside one big box, with each piece being individually labeled. We jacked up the car and started to get to work Saturday afternoon. The old coilovers came out without giving us any trouble. Disassembly went just as easily, but took some time as we had to screw each of the three locking rings off the threaded body of the shock. Then we carefully pulled out the new shocks and springs and proceeded to rebuild the coilovers with the new components. The rebuild was without any surprises, and extra time being taken to make sure we set the ride height the same. Now we just get to wait for next weekend to test these bad boys out!

A few more pics over on the pictures page

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