Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend at Autobahn Raceway

The weekend started with a bang. We arrived at Autobahn around 5pm and found a nice grassy spot of paddock to setup on. We quickly walked over the the HAVOC Motorsport trailer to find our two new sets of Hoosiers waiting for us. Luckily we were able to get our new tires mounted up Friday evening rather than having to rush to get them done Saturday morning. After that we setup our tent and did some last minute camber adjustments to the car.

Saturday began as any other race weekend. An all-hands meeting followed by a quick TT group meeting before heading out onto the track. We rolled onto the pre-grid at 9am with our new tires, suspension, and new tune on 110 octane excited to start the day. While going full-throttle down the back straight on the first hot lap, the car briefly hesitated and threw up a CEL while instantly jumping into limp mode. Obviously that session's lap times were shot. We come in and reset the ECU after the session and check on everything trying to figure out what happened. The second session followed the same course as the first. After that session we decided to try and get a hold of our tuner at RS Motors in MN. Thankfully we were able to get him directly on the phone and started troubleshooting the car. Pulling the codes we found our car was hitting the overboost threshold for some odd reason. He quickly retuned our map and emailed it over so we could do a reflash on the fly at the track. Big kudos to Ron at RS Motors for working with us over the phone to figure out our problem, reflash the car, and get us back on the track! Unfortunately we missed our third session while getting the issue of the morning worked out, but were plenty ready to hit the 4th session and put down some good lap times. The 1st hot lap into the session went great. Our tune problems from the morning all gone, and the car running with full power again, we were pushing it hard! As we rounded corner 9 in 4th gear and got back on the gas, it suddenly popped out of gear. Quickly slamming the gear back in place 4th gear popped out again. Trying again once more carefully ensuring it was fully in gear only resulted in the same. 4th gear was dead. With 4th being a primary gear at Autobahn, our weekend was shot and our lap time from our 1 hot lap of the day just wasn't enough to hold up against our toughest competitors.

A transmission rebuild is now in order and we're not sure yet which path we will take to accomplish that, or how long that will be. The next event on the schedule is at Autobahn the weekend of September 17-18, which we will try to make happen. So in the  mean time, we will continue to post any updates as they happen. Also, there are more pictures from this weekend posted over on the Pictures page.

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